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We cover all the news that affects women in the United States and around the world, drawing on our constantly growing network of journalists. 

“Public Radio International (PRI) is a global non-profit media company focused on the intersection of journalism and engagement to effect positive change in people’s lives.” The Fuller Project produced articles and podcasts that appear regularly in this media outlet, as a partner of Across Women’s Lives.

“Malala Fund wants to see a world where every girl can complete 12 years of safe, quality education.” Through advocacy work for resources and policy changes to ensure girls complete 12 years of education, investing in programmes that’ll develop country education leaders and organizations, and amplifying girls’ voices.

“The Compton Foundation supports work in climate change, peace and national security, and reproductive rights and justice. Within those core areas, the work we support must be a match with our transformative leadership and courageous storytelling approaches.”

“The International Reporting Project (IRP) provides opportunities for journalists to report internationally on critical issues that are under covered in the news media. The program was created in 1998, making it a pioneer in the nonprofit journalism movement that seeks to fill the gap left by much of the mainstream media’s reduction of international news.”