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Why The Fuller Project?

Why do we need the Fuller Project for International Reporting?

Check out our recent article in The Atlantic by The Fuller Project Founder Christina Asquith, “The World According to Men”: Why it’s so important to have more women doing global affairs reporting.

The Fuller Project is a global team of journalists, photographers and filmmakers and researchers, dedicated to in-depth and independent reporting, with an emphasis on the traditionally overlooked and underrepresented role of women in media. Our articles regularly appear in Public Radio International (PRI), The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, CNN, TIME, VICE, ELLE, Newsweek, The Guardian and other major publications. We also create video, make films, speak publicly, curate social media and lead research on the role of women in foreign policy.

Why does reporting about women matter?

When women are economically, socially and politically empowered, families are healthier, children are better educated, and economies grow larger. When women’s voices are included in foreign policy, conflict resolution is more likely, and in turn political stability promotes girls and women’s access to education.

Yet worldwide hundreds of millions of women live in patriarchal societies that restrict their rights, even over their own bodies. They face laws preventing them from banking, participating politically, traveling freely, getting a divorce, accessing health care and escaping violent abuse, sexual harassment and rape. Consider that today, one in three women suffer physical or sexual violence, one in four girls is married before her 18th birthday, and the gap between the number of women and men in the workforce has barely changed in two decades.

Who determines how we see the world?

Women’s voices are lacking in foreign coverage, affecting how critical political, economic and military decisions are made. Men hold over two-thirds of top management positions in large media companies, less than one third of foreign correspondents are women and only one in five op-eds published in major US newspapers are written by women.

Meanwhile, reporting on women too often focuses on victimization and abuse, without sufficient attention to women on the front lines, challenging stereotypes and developing solutions.

Without women’s voices fully represented in the media, little will change. The Fuller Project for International Reporting is driven to get more women’s voices into the media, and for more independent investigative journalism exposing inequality and injustice against women globally.

What does The Fuller Project do?

We independently report and produce investigative articles and videos for major publications with a focus on solutions

Gender stereotypes often minimize women’s agency and promote the idea of protection offered by men. Rather than focus only on problems affecting women, our reporting seeks out potential solutions.

We amplify women’s voices

We work with women leaders to amplify their work and their voices, both by helping them place OpEds in major publications, and by incorporating their expert commentary in our reporting.

We train women reporters

We train women reporters from countries like Syria, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, the Kurdish region and the US, helping to cultivate women’s skills and voice. We partner with universities and think tanks to research and communicate in-depth information about how issues affect women.